HKUST-BDR Joint Research Institute (HBJRI)

The HKUST-BDR Joint Research Institute (HBJRI) provides a unique platform to facilitate and strengthen the collaboration between University and Industry in talent development and technology innovation, with a focus on the mutually interested strategic areas including construction and restaurant robotics, artificial intelligence and big data, smart cities and smart living, thus supporting the transition of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area into a knowledge-based economy. The Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Country Garden, will provide strong support for applied research and deployment of translational / applied research results from HBJRI.

HBJRI Fund Scheme


HBJRI Project Fund invites applications all year round. There may be calls for proposal with a theme (normally twice a year – in April and in October). Project proposals shall be preferably within the strategic focus areas or a technology theme established upon feedbacks from industry partners. Projects should demonstrate advancement in technology readiness of HKUST research outputs, the prospect of adoption by industry partners, and include commercialization plan. The project duration typically is no more than 12 months, though it  may be extended upon mutual agreement. The PI must demonstrate their projects have genuine commercial potentials, including but not limited to foreseeable adoption and application by the industry for further applied research/downstream development. Project selection is based on both technological areas and commercial potentials of the projects that are of key economic benefits to the society and in line with the high impact areas as defined in the HKUST Strategic Plan.

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