HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI)

The HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI) was established in November 2019 to develop technology and knowledge to be commercialized for practical applications and products via platforms of Kaisa Holdings Limited.


HKJRI focuses on the technological areas of New Materials, IOT/AI, Big Data, Fintech, and Healthcare Technology. HKJRI will work closely with Industry to facilitate the technology transfer process, including the formation of spin-off start-up companies, with strong supports from the University and incubation hubs in the Greater Bay Area.

HKJRI Fund Scheme


HKJRI Project Fund invites applications all year round. HKJRI supports two types of projects: Seed projects and Main projects.


Seed projects aim to nurture scientific projects. They provide funds of up to HKD 0.5M net and lasts for no more than one year.


Main Projects can be seed projects which have been nurtured for some time and are ready for commercialization or projects in HKUST that are ready for commercialization. They provide funds of up to HKD 3.5M net and normally lasts for no more than two years.


All faculty and researchers in HKUST are eligible to submit proposals. Projects shall tie in with HKJRI focused technological areas. Specific research themes to be released by HKJRI according to the demands from Industry and strategic research directions of HKUST.

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