HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI)

The HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI) was established in November 2019 to develop technology and knowledge to be commercialized for practical applications and products via platforms of Kaisa Holdings Limited.


HKJRI focuses on the technological areas of New Materials, IOT/AI, Big Data, Fintech, and Healthcare Technology. HKJRI will work closely with Industry to facilitate the technology transfer process, including the formation of spin-off start-up companies, with strong supports from the University and incubation hubs in the Greater Bay Area.

HKJRI Fund Scheme


HKJRI Project Fund invites applications all year round. HKJRI supports two types of projects: Seed projects and Main projects.


Seed projects aim to nurture scientific projects. They provide funds of up to HKD 0.5M net and lasts for no more than one year.


Main Projects can be seed projects which have been nurtured for some time and are ready for commercialization or projects in HKUST that are ready for commercialization. They provide funds of up to HKD 3.5M net and normally lasts for no more than two years.


All faculty and researchers in HKUST are eligible to submit proposals. Projects shall tie in with HKJRI focused technological areas. Specific research themes to be released by HKJRI according to the demands from Industry and strategic research directions of HKUST.


HKJRI Project List

Project No. Principal investigator (EN) Principal investigator (CN) Department Project Title (EN) Project Title (CN)
HKJRI-001 Prof. Baoling HUANG 黃寶陵教授 MAE Development of low-cost high-performance solar absorber 低成本高效能耐高温选择性太阳能吸热膜的开发
HKJRI-003 Prof. Ping GAO 高平教授 CBE Porous UHMWPE membranes for high-flux water desalination 高流量多孔超高分子量聚乙烯海水淡化薄膜
HKJRI-014 Prof. Ming LIU 劉明教授 ECE Highly Integrated Multi-sensor Synchronization System 高集成多传感器同步系统
HKJRI-015 Dr. Min Gao 高民博士 FYTRI Research and Application Demonstration of Key Technologies for Visual Management of Smart Park Based on Indoor and Outdoor Location 基於室內外位置一體化的智慧園區可視化管理關鍵技術研發與應用示範
HKJRI-023 Prof. Henry YAN 顏河教授 SRI Development of Organic Solar Cell Materials and Their Applications in Indoor Devices 有機光伏的材料研發及室內應用
HKJRI-031 Prof. Weijia WEN 溫維佳教授 PHYS Research and commercialization of microfluidic biological microsphere/capsule preparation technologies 微流控生物微球/囊製備關鍵技術及產業化
HKJRI-039 Prof. Terence Tsz Wai WONG 黃子維教授 CBE Eliminating second surgeries by high-throughput, label-free, and slide-free histological imaging of surgical resection specimens during surgery 透過在術中對生物樣本進行高通量,無染色和無切片的組織學成像來免除二次手術
HKJRI-040 Prof. Jiheng ZHANG 張季恆教授 IEDA Fintech Frontier Research based on Data, Modeling and Algorithms 基於數據、模型和算法金融科技前沿研究
HKJRI-042 Prof. Xinghua ZHENG 鄭星華教授 ISOM Approaching Mean-Variance Efficiency for Large Portfolios 大維投資組合優化
HKJRI-043 Prof. Yong HUANG 黄湧教授 CHEM AI-assisted development of anti-addition medications 基於人工智能的新型戒毒藥物研發
HKJRI-045 Prof. Jinglei YANG 楊晶磊教授 MAE Cost effective continuous fiber reinforced novel thermoplastic composites for lightweight applications in automobile 高性價比連續纖維增強熱塑性複合材料在汽車輕量化中的應用
HKJRI-046 Prof. Ping SHENG 沈平教授 PHYS Novel metamaterial-based I room acoustics 基於超材料技術的室內聲學
HKJRI-050 Prof. Qiming SHAO 邵啟明教授 ECE Magnetic Neuromorphic Devices for Autonomous Driving 用於自動駕駛的磁性神經器件
HKJRI-051 Prof. Ming LIU 劉明教授 ECE UGV - Quadrupedal Robot Autonomous Delivery Project 基於無人車與四足機器人協作的自動化校園遞送系統
HKJRI-052 Prof. Michael Yu WANG 王煜教授 MAE Life-long Learning System for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving 適用於自動駕駛場景中三維目標檢測模塊的終身學習系統
HKJRI-058 Prof. Qifeng CHEN 陳启峰教授 CSE Building a Multiscopic Sensor for Depth Sensing 建一個多攝像頭的深度相機
HKJRI-059 Prof. Wei ZHANG 張薇教授 ECE Design of an AutoML framework for generation of Robust Neural Architectures for Autonomous Driving Applications 應用於自動駕駛應用的魯棒神經體系結構自動生成框架設計
HKJRI3A-051 Prof. Haifeng YOU 尤海峰教授 ACCT Machine Learning and Quantitative Investing 機器學習與量化投資
HKJRI3A-052 Prof. Bo LI 李波教授 CSE CoinGuard: Real time monitoring platform for crypto currencies 加密貨幣的實時監控平台
HKJRI3A-054 Prof. Qiong LUO 羅琼教授 CSE Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology 加密貨幣以及背後的區塊鏈技術的研發
HKJRI3A-055 Prof. Amir KAFSHDAR GOHARSHADY   CSE Efficient Probabilistic Smart Contracts  
HKJRI3A-056 Prof. Lei CHEN 陳雷教授 CSE Deep Learning Research in Finance Data Applications 深度學習在金融數據中的應用研究
HKJRI3A-057 Prof. Yi YANG 楊毅教授 ISOM Deep Learning Approach Financial NLP 基於深度學習的金融文本分析
HKJRI3A-059 Prof. Kani CHEN 陳卡你教授 MATH

Research and application of artificial intelligence and algorithms for cross-asset quantitative trading

HKJRI3A-060 Prof. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS   CSE AUTI: A verifiable and privacy-preserving auditing platform AUTI: 一種可驗證並且隱私保護的審計平台


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