Alumni Kaleidoscope: Chen Dongpeng - PhD (CSE)

Deeply committed to the study of human voice recognition, Dongpeng graduated from HKUST with a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering; he has since presented many papers at leading industry conferences and journals, including IEEE TASLP, ICASSP and Interspeech. While he was still pursuing his doctorate, a project he took part in was awarded “Web Accessibility Recognition” by the HKSAR government for designing a Cantonese voice recognition system for the deaf.

Dongpeng believes in people-centric technology, applications that benefit and serve humanity; for this reason, he co-founded VoiceAI Technologies with his friend Zhang Weibin, a fellow HKUST doctorate graduate. As the Chief Technical Officer, Dongpeng makes sure VoiceAI’s products achieve the highest standards in user experience.

A start-up firm based in Shenzhen, VoiceAI Technologies focuses on using artificial intelligence and Big Data to create world-leading and innovative voice recognition applications. Since its founding, VoiceAI’s client roster spans an array of sectors, such as finance, government agencies, network and IoT corporates; notable clients who use VoiceAI’s products include the China’s Ministry of Public Security, Ping An, ICBC, Hengfeng Bank, Indonesia’s National Pension Fund TASPEN, and over a hundred Chinese enterprises. With its proven competencies, VoiceAI has completed a RMB 100 million series A of financing in 2020, led by Forebright Capital.

VoiceAI’s work for TASPEN is a perfect example of Dongpeng’s “technology serves people” ethos. Utilizing advanced voice recognition features, TASPEN’s phone and mobile apps can distribute pension funds to 2.5 million Indonesian pensioners via voice authentication. This greatly reduces the opportunity for fraud and the need for the elderly to travel potentially long distances to obtain their pension money. “I was involved in this project from research to implementation, seeing it make a real difference for these seniors gives me great satisfaction,” Dongpeng says.

He remarks a healthy appetite for risk taking, together with perseverance in the face of hardships and a team that complements one another are among the key ingredients for entrepreneurial success.

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