Alumni Kaleidoscope: Roy Law - BEng(MECH)

During his second year at HKUST, Roy discovered a passion for computers when he roomed with another HKUST student studying ISMT. In Year Three he began writing his own webpages and obtained various IT certifications, and his first job after graduation was in IT support. He later joined the newly-started JobsDB, and although there were only 10 employees at JobsDB at the time, the company grew in leaps and bounds to become the most successful start-up (with HK$ 2.8 billion acquisition) in Hong Kong's history.

In 2010, Roy decided that it was time to take on new challenges. He left his job at JobsDB, sold his shares in the company and cashed in his home to start his own business. Predicting that apps would grow in popularity, Roy created AppTask, a development house that produced apps for various enterprises' internal use as well as its own line of products. With headquarters based in Hong Kong and regional offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan, Roy has established AppTask to become an international powerhouse specializing in design and development of leading edge over 500 enterprise mobile apps. Its clients include local and multinational corporations and organizations and it had won numerous awards including HKICT Grand Award, APICTA Award and Red herring Global Top 100.

In 2014, under the leadership of Roy, AppTask launched its mobile productivity platform in San Francisco -TeamNote which featured at TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Product Hunt, and TechinAsia. After spinning off from AppTask, TeamNote was backed by the top notch VC Y Combinator in Silicon Valley.  Roy believes that sharing is the key to success in entrepreneurship especially in Bay Area. That’s why he founded ZeroZone in 2018, a startup community to collaborate the linked mindset founders who believe in sharing culture. Also as an angel investor(AT Group Ventures), he had invested in many B2B startups. 

Roy was the founding member of PISA ( and had served in the program committee 2001-2004

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Oriental Daily - 24 June 2015



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