Alumni Kaleidoscope: Tim Woo - PhD(ELEC), Mphil(ELEC), BEng(ELEC)

With three degrees from HKUST under his belt, Tim has been a witness to the university's growth since its earliest years. With such a strong attachment to HKUST, he felt it was only fitting to return to his alma mater after graduation to help nurture the next generation of students.

Tim is currently an Associate Professor of Engineering Education in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, the founding Director of the Center for Global & Community Engagement and the supervisor of the HKUST Robotics team. He is also involved in driving STEM education programs for youth with university students.

Tim is thankful for his experience at HKUST. His professor and colleagues have kept a “can-do” spirit in his study and work in learning new perspectives. Carrying this spirit, Tim enjoys brainstorming with his students, especially on topics that students come up with themselves. He encourages his students to expand their horizons through different projects, including robot competitions and final year projects. He has had a tremendous impact on his students and has been a major force for educational developments in the School of Engineering.

In recent years, he has organized and promoted STEM education to the general public so that they can gain an early appreciation of what engineering can do. Through the STEM education, participants connect up engineering concepts and initiatives with both the younger generation and underprivileged members of the community.

Tim's courses are very popular with students, as evidenced by his winning of the School of Engineering's Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award in 2009. He received the Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching 2015, HKUST and 2015 University Grants Committee (UGC) Teaching Award in recognition of his outstanding teaching performance and achievements.

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