Alumni Kaleidoscope: Gerald Wong - BSc(BICH)

Gerald Wong, founder of Infinity dance Studio, did not always want to be a dancer. At eight years old, he was dragged along to ballet classes because his older brother was learning on a scholarship. "I didn't like wearing tights, but it was better than waiting outside," Gerald laughs.

He didn't discover a real love for dance until he enrolled at HKUST. "On the first day, I bumped into a friend from ballet school, and she took me straight to the dance society." It was there that Gerald began to explore jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and latin styles, and decided this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Eventually, he went on to perform live with the likes of Aaron Kwok, Coco Li, Joey Yung, and Anita Mui, in addition to featuring in numerous music videos. He has choreographed shows for Ocean Park, the East Asian games, and Miss Universe China, among others. He has also served as judge at Astro TV's dance contest "Asian battleground" in Malaysia, and as an advisor for the Hong Kong Tourism Board's Chinese New Year Parade.

In 2003, Gerald and his partners opened Infinity Dance Studio. By this time, he had passed the performing peak of his career and was ready to focus on teaching. The studio is now highly respected in the industry as a trusted top talent supplier.

His vision is to spread the joy of dance to everyone in Hong Kong. "I know dance has the power to transform lives," he reflects. "Time and time again, we see kids who don't perform well academically – even those who drop out of school – finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment in dance. It gives them a community, a healthy way of expressing themselves, and a skill to master.”

Giving back to his alma mater, he coached the HKUST Dance Alumni Association for several years. "I wanted to inspire others like I was inspired. And I'm proud that the University is so supportive of dance.”



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